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Facebook status games

This is an un-official list of Facebook status games. There may well be more if fact new ones are being invented all the time.

Check out the page for -

  • Guess the Song
  • Guess the Movie
  • Guess the TV showThe Numbers Game
  • The Numbers Game
  • Word association
  • Number association status game

Guess the song Facebook status game

Guess the song is a Facebook status game that simply requires you to write your Facebook status as a line from the song (preferably without mentioning the song title). Your Facebook friends then need to comment your status with the artist and song title, and then add a line from a different song for others to guess.


It is likely that you will receive lots of emails (unless you've turned them off) and notifications to say that lots of people have commented on your status. And then every new comment will result in people who have previously commented your Facebook status to also get a notification saying " has also commented on 's status".

For example I could put my Facebook status as:
"I got my first real 6 string"

And then a friend would comment my Facebook status saying:
"Bryan Adams - Summer of 69
I could stay awake just to hear you breathing"

Guess the movie or TV show Facebook status game

This is a very similar game to the guess the song Facebook status game, however, the difference is this time it's guessing movies or TV shows.

Your original status just needs to be a line from a movie or TV show, and then your Facebook friends need to say what movie or TV show it is, who says it, and any other signicance to that part in the movie or TV show.

For example I could put my Facebook status as:
"Could I be wearing any more clothes"

And then a friend would comment my Facebook status saying:
"Friends, Joey says to Chandler just after Chandler has hidden Joey's underwear
I see dead people"

The Numbers GameFacebook Numbers games

After the short lived fad on using "Cartoon Characters" on Facebook the
latest craze is to use numbers in the profile, will this be another passing fashion or will this one really lift of?

So how does the new game work?

. . . . . . Contact your friends using a number as an identity, your friends
then contact you back within the status message - according to the number they use to reply will give an idea of how they really feel about you.

Be prepared for some revealing messages. The game is expected to you
viral within a few days!

For more info click here

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars

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Word association Facebook status game

Most of you will know what the word association game is, well this time it's using your Facebook status!

Simply put a random word as your status and then watch as your friends then write another word that has some relevance to the original word.

When a friend has written a new word the next comment must be relevant to the most recent word written.

For example I could put my Facebook status as:

And then a friend would comment my Facebook status saying:

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Facebook Business

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Number association Facebook status game

With the number association Facebook status game all you need to do to get things going in write your Facebook status as a number. Your Facebook friends then need to think of something that is related to that number.

Once they have written something associated with the number they then also write a new number for your other Facebook friends to associate something with.

For example I could put my Facebook status as:

And then a friend would comment my Facebook status saying:
"2 Turtle doves
13" etc.

This article is continued Here.

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To play "The great literary Facebook status game" have a look at - www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2008/dec/08/facebook-status-books

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