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Facebook games

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Hangman Facebook status game

Everyone knows how to play hangman - the only difference with this is that there is no man being hung... Simply place underscores as your Facebook status with a space between each underscore, and make sure you place the correct number of underscores to spell out the word or words you're thinking of.

Note that if using mutliple words you should use a forward slash between each word. Your Facebook friends then need to comment your status with just a single letter - if the letter is in the hangman you will need to update everyone by filling in the gaps.

Whoever finally guesses the word can then leave underscores in order for people to spell out the next word.

For example I could put my Facebook status as: "_ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ _" And then a friend would comment my Facebook status saying: "E" At which point I would re-write my Facebook status as: "_ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ E / _ _ / _ _ E" Then when the last letter is put in place and they work out that it says: "H I / M Y / N A M E / I S / J O E" then they can comment with more underscores giving everyone a new word to guess.

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Guess the word Facebook status game

This is like a crossword, but without having multiple words, words going vertical, and having clues - so actually it's nothing like a crossword!

As the original Facebook status you just need to write a clue to a word, some may be cryptic and some may be anagrams, and then in brackets a number (to tell people how long the word is).

Your Facebook friends then need to guess what the word could be, and once correct they can leave the next clue and number for everyone to guess the next word. Note if there's multiple words in the answer then the number of letters in each word should be seperated by a comma) For example I could put my Facebook status as: "Another word for noisy (4)" And then a friend would comment my Facebook status saying: "Loud James Bond star singing to Abba (6, 7)" Best status Facebook status game The best status Facebook status game is carried out on every player's own Facebook status.

The basic aim is to get as many people to comment and "Like" your Facebook status as possible.

For every Facebook status "Like" you get 1 point and for every Facebook status comment you get 2 points.

If you comment or "Like" your own status at all then it doesn't count, and if one of your Facebook friends comments more than once then you can only count it as one comment and so even if there's 3 comments from the same person you will still get only 2 points.

If a Facebook friend both "Likes" your status and comments on it then you will get 3 points, as they will both count. All players must agree on a time (usually using Facebook instant chat) and then all update there status at the same time.

They should have previously agreed a time limit (like 10 minutes) and thenonce the time is up all players will need to do a quick countup of points they received. The winner is the person with the most points.

All of the games above can be adapted to create lots more games, and also I'm sure you can think of your own Facebok status games as well. One last Facebook status game which I found on The Guardian website is: The great literary Facebook status game I don't like this game as much because there are so many books out there and how is anybody going to remember what it actually says on a particular page on a particular line, etc... It's almost impossible in my eyes - but it will get some random Facebook statuses being used!

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