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E-Mail Marketing

At Apex we are always on the lookout for new ways to help you get more customers, or to help you work more effectively with the customers you already have.

As you probably know it’s much easier to sell your products or services to existing clients, the reason for this is that you have already established credibility and rapport (with any earlier sales or interaction) and because they have done business with you in the past they will already be familiar with your team and way that you work.

The natural way to make the most of the existing relationship you have with your clients is to send them a regular e-mail based newsletter.

At Apex we use a system that provides all the vital statistics to establish who has opened the e-mail and how each person has responded, the significance of this is to highlight who is interested in the products you offer and who is ready to buy.

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Your text must be both well written and informative, if your newsletter is badly presented it will be counterproductive and if it is not informative you can guarantee it won’t be read - worse still your list will shrink via the unsubscribe button!

With a little care, attention and planning your marketing will become specific, targeted and very precise. Your clients will look forward to the information you send and if it is really good will forward the newsletter to their friends - thus increasing your readership and your list for the following publication.

We use a variety of different systems to deliver your e-mails some of them using sophisticated tracking data. We can even tailor the look of the e-mail to blend with your website branding.

The prices start at £170.00 to set up the initial template and then £120.00 for each batch of newsletters that we send; this makes e-mail marketing less expensive and accessible to smaller companies and can present very rapid profit from the sale of your products.

We normaly send the newsletters once a month but can send them more often if needed - we can also accommodate larger lists of 300+ but the cost increases accordingly.

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