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IPad - Business Tool or Expensive Toy

Is Apple's new IPad a serious contender as a business support tool or is it just an expensive toy?

Tech fans across the globe have been eagerly ipt> awaiting the next big thing from Apple, we were disappointed in 2009 by the backwards evolution of the IPod when it launched the Nano, great as an MP3 player designed for sports fanatics or runners, how many times will A&E have to remove “swallowed” Nano’s from folk who “ingested” them while running ?

It seems strange to me that just a few days after the launch of the IPod and IPod Touch with 3G my faithful IPod touch died while in use, the screen developed a barcode effect and then turned white with no functionality, well I am still suffering with depression (each one should carry a health warning, along the lines of “buy a backup IPod for when this one dies - your world will end”) Apple tells me it will cost £198.00 to repair or £220.00 to buy a new one.

Well I decided to Waite a while and consider my options, so glad that I did as now I have a further option in the IPad, the latest (and greatest?) innovation from the Apple stable, or is it just another missed opportunity?

Well the IPad looks great (not magical as all the ads will tell you!) 10 inches by 71/2 and only half an inch thin (not thick but thin, as “Steve Jobs” will tell you) it is just the iPod touch but bigger and less cool, so to help you decide - is the IPad an innovation or just a mundane side step – let’s review the features . . . . .

1. The IPad has no phone.

Well that has got to be a missed opportunity wouldn’t you look cool walking through the mall with your 10 inch headset glued to your ear while chatting to granny or calling in tonight’s takeaway meal, the plus side is you can download an app for Skype, surely “Steve” you could have provided a dedicated “Apple app” for my new toy?

2. So how do you hold it?

When “Steve” shows the demo he spends most of the time sat on that “O so cosy armchair” but what happens when we stand up? (Apple did think of that didn’t they?) So if you have really big hands you could hold the IPad with one hand while controlling it with the other (my hand is not that big) and anyway I wouldn’t want to risk the RSI or related injuries to my hand, so will Apple design a harness, or maybe a glove attachment?

3. What about a camera?

I guess the answer is – in 6 months they will issue another version (Sounds familiar) that has a camera and other important features that were “conveniently” omitted the first time around, it has a massive 9 by 6 inch viewing screen but you need a prism system to see the thing you want to photograph, and what about the action shots, motor racing or shooting your favourite gee-gee in a day at the races, no its not even slightly aerodynamic the “wind drag” would make it impossible to shoot any decent moving target!

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