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Google Buzz

Google Buzz is the newest product from Google.

It seems to be another social networking website that will compete alongside Facebook and Twitter, but with a bit of a difference.

Google Buzz is built directly into your Google Mail and instead of adding friends, or following other people on Google Buzz, it will simply connect you to people who you email.

You can share your thoughts (as posts) to either everyone and let Google crawl it for the search engine, or a select few that you're connected with.

Google Buzz will be crawled by the GoogleBot for Google's search engine and so will help in the "real-time" search that Google is aiming towards.

Because of the real-time search alone it would be suggested that if you want to get noticed by Google, then you've gotta get on there!

Here's a video explaining more, and then once you're done go to www.google.com/buzz

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