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Getting started on Twitter

Twitter is a very basic and easy to use website, which could easily be described as a cut down version of Facebook where all you need to do is status updates.

Get followers on Twitter

On Twitter instead of making friends you get followers, and you follow others.

The kind of people who will want to follow you are like-minded people with similar lines of work or interests.

The easiest ways to get Twitter followers would be:

  • Do searches for people that have similar interests to yourself. Once you've found some, add them, and then hopefully they will also add you in return.
  • Find out if there are any trending tweets, or hash tag tweets about your interests, and then join in conversations using the same trending word/phrase or hash tag. You will hopefully get noticed by others interested in the subject and so gain some followers.
  • Answer fellow Twitter user's questions. For instance, do a search on an interest of yours, and if in the tweet results is someone asking a question about your interest thenyou can answer them directly by either sending them a personal inbox message, or answer them publically using the @ symbol (explained below).

Twitter hash tags

Twitter hash tags can be used by anyone and can be started by anyone.

To start a hash tag simply type the hash followed by the tag you want to associate it with as part of your tweet. For example a hash tag about twitter would look like #twitter

You can have multiple hash tags in the same tweet and each one will automatically be changed into a link that will show other Twitter users that have used the same hash tag.

Twitter @ tags

The @ tag is used in Twitter to write a tweet to another user, or users if you have multiple @ tags in the same tweet.

You can write an @ tag to anyone on Twitter, they don't have to be your friend.

RT or Twitter Re-Tweet

A RT or Re-Tweet is when you tweet the same as what someone else has already tweeted.

This is often used if you find someone's tweet particularly useful and want to share it with your Twitter followers as well.

To start the Re-Tweet you would start with RT @ and then the original user's @ tag, followed by the tweet.

Twitter summary

Although twitter looks very basic and is easy to use, there is actually a lot more to it than originally catches the eye.

Have a play and you'll start to explore the further features of Twitter, which are actually still being added as Twitter grows and evolves to fit it's users needs.

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