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Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook is currently the leading online social networking website, and with so many users surely this leaves it wide open for all kinds of invasion of privacy and indentity fraud.

Thankfully the developers at Facebook have thought about this, and so have a whole host of Facebook Privacy Settings.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Most of your information can be hidden from some, if not all, other users on Facebook.

The Facebook Privacy Settings allow you to individually select a piece of information about yourself, e.g. your date of birth, and then select who you want this information available to - Everyone, Friends of friends, Only friends, Customise.

Facebook Privacy Settings

The Facebook Privacy Settings are being updated all the time, and so those pieces of data about you that you can't yet control, will soon be able to be controlled!

Currently I believe it's only Pages that can't be hidden from other Facebook users, but according to Facebook forums and the Facebook blog this is something that many users want to see implemented, and so I'm sure it's on it's way.

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