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Daphnis Nerii - Oleander Hawk Moth

Oleander Hawk-Moth

Oleander Hawk-Moth

The Oleander Hawk-Moth is one of the most stunning and exotic looking moths, the Latin name comes from the primary food plant (Nerium Oleander), the Oleander Hawk-moth occurs throughout the Africa and migrates through Europe occasionally making it through to the United Kingdom.

Oleander Hawk Moth

In southern Europe it has established a continuous breeding cycle – often being found at each stage - Moth, Ova, Larva and Pupa in the same region simultaneously.

Oleander Hawk, Caterpillar

The caterpillars have exceptional camouflage they can be found feeding very close to humans but remain unseen except for the trained eye.

Oleander Hawk, Caterpillar (Gold form)

Great care should be taken as all parts of the Oleander plant are poisonous and very dangerous.

Oleander Hawk, Ova

All photographs have been taken ether in Greece (Kos, Zante or Cyprus) or back in the UK from resulting breeding Stock.

Oleander Hawk, Ova

If you need further information regarding the “Oleander Hawk-moth”, or have any other moth breeding/collecting query or any other query regarding Apex Business Support – please contact me here.

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